People I work(ed) with

These are some people I work(ed) with. Some of them are real teachers. All of them know how to push the right buttons to get the best out of me. And all of them have agreed to give you more information about me. I asked them to be frank should you decide to contact them.

Guy Balbaert BE :

Vice president Marketing & Sales at JamHub.


   “Shortly describing Wiechert as a colleague is like “quickly running a marathon”; it doesn’t work. I observed a tremendous drive and enthusiasm for the projects he worked on and he stood out when it came to developing and pitching new ideas. Not your average 9 to 5 person, he always went the extra mile to get the job done. His contributions to the development of marketing plans, event stands and fairs were productive and added value.”

Ken Jacob (middle) USA: senior research engineer at Bose. 


Jaap Drupsteen (right) NL:

Contact:  website.

   “Wiechert Vermeulen is a dangerous man! He behaves informal. He disorganizes people with narrow minds. He will confront them with unconventional solutions. (While running by he might hug the coffee lady.) He's a restless mind. He is demanding. He wants optimal results. He is critical. He recognizes quality - even artistic qualities. Worst of all: this man has ideas! And his ideas even make sense! (Pretty frustrating for a creative like me.) He will force you to surpass your everyday think routines. Don't work with this man! Because I want to work with him.” Jaap Drupsteen

   “I have worked intensively with Wiechert for the past 7 years. He is incredibly hard working. Incredibly attentive to quality and detail in his work. And is totally passionate about his work. He is always thinking. And he comes with great ideas so it’s easy to make progress. Finally, he’s fun to be around and that is no small thing. I’ve worked with thousands of people in my 25 years at Bose. If I had to pick only five to work with in the future, Wiechert would be on that list. He moves mountains.” Ken Jacob

Ron Holdijk NL/UAE :

Business Director Professional Systems Division Europe at Bose Corporation


   “I know Wiechert as an very passionate and yet easy going person who brings reliability, integrity and skills to the job. Once you make an agreement with Wiechert it is set and done. His stream of ideas never ends and he is always there also to implement these ideas, a very strong and rare quality.” Ferry Verhoeven

Marc van Gastel

Account manager Marcom Bose


   “In my role, responsible for the MarCom strategy and execution, I have found Wiechert’s Passion and drive for result, combined with his creativity and good/practical business sense invaluable. He made our department shine and was a large contributor in creating the marketing toolbox to place Bose Live Music into the market. His unique way of looking at things and hands on approach allowed us to create a powerful and innovative suite of marketing communication materials that ranged from product launches to training, In-store materials, advertising and web support. The L1® Compact product launch was awarded with a Bose MarCom innovation award, due to the innovative approach and powerful result. Besides these professional aspects, Wiechert’s honest and straightforward approach to life is refreshing and makes him great to work with. I would be jealous of any company deciding to hire him and I wish him all the success in the world.” Marc van Gastel

Ferry Verhoeven

Independent MI bizz / Musictrades


  “I bow deeply (and so should others exposed to your work) for the great things you accomplished for Bose. Your courage to explore, invent and successfully implement unconventional marketing initiatives is simply phenomenal. Fortune favors the brave. This I learnt from you.” Ron Holtdijk

Nic Merks NL/FR : Retired Vice-President at Bose.



Xavier Metzger FR:

Sales development LM france